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Basketball Browser was simply developed by someone who loves basketball.  Made back in early 1997, she's aged quite a bit, but that's not the point.   Our beloved basketball scores and basketball stories are what we are after.


Basketball Browser

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Basketball Browser is basketball themed web browser that delivers easy access to NBA and NCAA basketball news. Read hoops coverage provided by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, CNN/SI, NBC Sports, and Yahoo Sports with ease by utilizing tabs and quick links. NBA team websites, NCAA Division-1A conference websites, and fan forums are also embedded within this basketball themed web browser. Basketball Browser automatically finds related basketball links, columns, fan websites, and topics associated to current website you're viewing. It features a configurable integrated search engine utilizing the popular engines (Google, Yahoo,, HotBot, All the Web, etc), and also allows you to save and customize your favorite basketball websites easily by using toolbar buttons.

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We are selling the source code to Basketball Browser, so you can really modify it to your liking. 

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   Includes VB 6 Project files for the following:  Basketball Browser

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