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Wrestling WebMasters! 

Want to give something unique to other wrestling fans? 

 Get a Free Wrestling themed Web Browser tailored around your favorite wrestler or wrestling websites!

  You simply tell us your favorite wrestling websites - You send us your logo- We develop it for free

* Read the below information carefully on how you can have your own themed web browser *


Why should I get a wrestling themed web browser developed around my favorite wrestler or wrestling websites?

  • Your customized web browser will establish and create a brand for your wrestling website community
  • People love downloading freeware - Increases visitors and delivers new loyal visitors
  • Offers your website(s), communities, etc,  a useful and unique internet tool  
  • Your visitors will easily be able to return to your community by launching your web browser from the Start Menu, Desktop Icon, and/or Quick Launch Icon
  • Our web browsers are  highly accepted on CNET's network along with hundreds of other freeware sites. You can submit your themed web browser to distribution websites/free stuff websites/theme related websites for more exposure
  • Other webmasters with similar wrestling websites may link directly to your wrestling web browser!
  • We help promote your browser for FREE to similar websites/communities and help find other linking partners.


4ComTech will develop you a customized web browser with your websites if:

  • Your website receives a minimum of 500 unique visitors/month

  • You plan to link to the web browser making it highly visible on your main website to allow others to download it

  • The theme and websites you submit are popular ones with great value and offer new incentives to return (You want to create a themed browser that other webmasters are willing to link to!)  

  We are the only company around to offer this as a FREE service (Most companies charge thousands of dollars for custom application development).  For our labor of love in developing it, all we ask in return is that you promote your browser on your website by making it highly visible for download and to allow other webmasters to link to it.  We want to help serious webmasters/individuals/companies establish their unique brand! 


Here is how the process works:

  • You fill out the form below with your information and websites

  • We decide if your submitted request and websites qualify for a themed browser

  • We send you a confirmation email 

  • Upon your confirmation, we develop your customized web browser around your URLs with the integrated UCmore and major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Hotbot, Excite, All the Web, Alta Vista, etc) 

  • We host the browser on our servers (which saves you bandwidth costs) 

  • We will email you the permanent link to your browser, such as http://www.4comtech.com/vb/wrestlingbrowsersetup.exe  (where wrestlingbrowser.exe is the actual name of your web browser)

  • After approving your web browser, simply link to it on your website in a highly visible area and start letting your visitors download your wrestling software!  (In addition, you can inform other webmasters of similar interests to link to your browser)


To get an idea what your browser will look like and/or how it will perform:

Click here to view a screenshot of what your customized browser will look like

(Notice the tabs, as the URLs you submit will be featured on the tabs.   Your web browser will feature your websites logo as the web browsers splash screen and about form.   You will also be able to send us a desktop icon to be used for the web browsers' program icon)


To get your free customized browser fill out the following form (All fields are required):

Rest assured, the email address you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be disclosed outside our organization.

If you have any questions concerning your free themed web browser feel free to contact us at:

              Your Customized Wrestling Web Browser

Your Name:
Your E-Mail: 
Enter your Website's URL:
Enter the amount of monthly unique visitors your website receives:
Enter your website URL in which we will find your link to the browser:
Enter the name you want your web browser to be called:
Enter the default home page of your browser (1st tab):
Enter the website names followed by the URLs (in the order of preference) for your browser.  You may submit up to 20 URLs.

Example format:

WWE - http://www.WWE.com

PW Torch - htt://www.pwtorch.com

The names will be embedded on tabs.  Once a user clicks on a tab, the browser will redirect to the URL you have specified.

Enter any other information that will help us in developing your customized browser:

After you click submit, you will receive a confirmation email

Please reply back to this confirmation email and feel free to attach any graphics/logos/icons that you want integrated within your web browser




Do you know someone who has a community of websites and would possibly want a themed web browser?   Let us know!  Contact 


We enjoy creating themed web browsers for website communities!


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