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About 4ComTech 

Our freeware web browsers are intelligent.

Our freeware web browsers are unique.

Our features within these web browsers set them apart from the rest.

Those are just a few reasons why you want to try our home made customized web browsers.  Want more reasons why you need to try our software?

These customized web browsers...

  • anticipate your needs
  • simplify your browsing experience
  • form connections between concepts and documents, which are categorized, organized, and delivered to you
  • are non-intrusive
  • accelerate you surfing sessions

and last but not least.....are just unique.

You can even still keep your existing default browser!

Ok!  Enough! Let me download and see for myself!

Click the below icon or link to start the download!

  Download Freeware Browser V4.0 Now

  Download AutomaticSearch V1.3 Now

  Download SportsBrowser V2.1

Download Football Browser!  Download Football Browser V1.5 Now

Download Basketball Browser!  Download Basketball Browser V1.0 Now

Download Baseball Browser!  Download Baseball Browser V1.0 Now

Read some news now!  Download Some News V1.3 Now

Download Health Browser  Download Health Browser V1.0 Now

Download Free Stuff Browser V1.0  Download FreeStuff Browser V1.0 Now

Download WrestlingBrowser!  Download WrestlingBrowser V2.0 Now

Download Recipe Browser!  Download Recipe Browser V1.0 Now

Download Page Links!  Download Page Links V1.0 Now

Download Da Browser Based Games Browser!  Da Browser Based Games Browser V1.0



...Check out more customized web browsers


We currently have 10 customized web browsers highly accepted on CNET's and hundreds of other freeware websites.  Try 'em out!  (Da Browser Based Games Browser, AutomaticSearch, SportsBrowser, Freeware Browser, Reference Browser, Some News, Football BrowserFreeStuff Browser, Genealogy Browser and WrestlingBrowser).

In addition, we have developed many more themed web browsers for web site owners and webmasters that can be found throughout the web.  Our aim is to create simple intelligent themed web browsers branded around a specific subject featuring the most convenient, most useful, and most popular links relating to it. 

We are proud and honored to be able to integrate  UCmore - The Search Accelerator within our themed web browsers!  By embedding the highly rated and popular application UCmore into our software,  our customized web browsers automatically find your desired, most accurate search results in the least amount of search time and also now provides easy web page navigation. 






We offer several free services to benefit you!

  • We can develop you a free themed web browser for your existing visitors.  By letting others download your branded themed web browser, you establish a unique brand and feature for your website.  By allowing your visitors to download a custom web browser tailored around your links and interests, your visitors will easily be able to return to your community by launching your web browser from the Start Menu, Desktop Icon, and/or Quick Launch Icon  ...Click here for details 

  • Earn easy money by simply letting others download our smart customized themed web browsers from your website.  We have a wide range of customized themed web browsers that might suit your audience.  If you sign up to the 4ComTech Affiliate Program before August 1, 2005, we'll deposit $3.00 into your account.  ...Click here for details    






Want some reasons why you might want to join our pay per installation program?

  • With the 4ComTech Affiliate Program, there is no software to sell.  You'll earn revenue by simply letting others download our FREEWARE.  No sale is required!
  • Unlike most other affiliate programs that require you to earn a minimum of $25, $50, or even $100 before you receive a check, we'll send your first check to you once you accumulate $10!  We want our affiliates to get paid!
  • We offer many themed web browsers of different subjects for you link to.  Capitalize the most by choosing a web browser that best fits your websites' targeted audience.
  • Get paid monthly - Guaranteed - Via USD check or Paypal
  • Receive $3.00 just to sign up!  

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Let your visitors download your very own themed freeware web browser application!

4ComTech will work with you for free to create a themed web browser tailored around any topic, idea, website, directory, and/or useful resource!  If you have an idea or concept of what would make for a great resource/browser we'd be honored to help bring it to life!...Learn More  

Get my unique web browser application... 

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 If you are a webmaster or own a website community, we can develop you a themed web browser for free! 

Want some example ideas for themed web browsers?  Simply download any of our themed web browsers and you'll get the concept.  

Why would I want to provide my visitors with a custom web browser?


Our Featured Web Browsers

Freeware Browser 4.0 screenshot

Click here to see a screenshot of Freeware Browser

Freeware Browser is a freeware themed web browser that delivers easy navigation to freeware and software related websites.  Freeware Browser is equipped with an integrated search engine utilizing the popular software search engines and allows you to quickly switch among your search results using tabs.  In addition, Freeware Browser automatically finds related software links, freeware directories, shareware directories, and other links associated to current website you're visiting.  You may also save and access your favorite websites easily by using toolbar buttons. 

Download Freeware Browser!

Download Freeware Browser Now  1.6MB (all)  

AutomaticSearch V1.3    screenshot

Click here to see a screenshot of AutomaticSearch

Search Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, etc automatically!

Download AutomaticSearch Now  1.6MB (all)   AutomaticSearch is a search-themed web browser that automatically finds related links, subjects, and topics associated to the current website you're viewing. It features an integrated search engine utilizing the popular engines (Dmoz, Google, Yahoo, All the Web, MSN, Lycos, Hotbot, etc) and allows you to quickly switch among these search results using tabs. You can also save and access your favorite websites easily by using toolbar buttons.

Download AutomaticSearch now!

   Download AutomaticSearch V1.3

SportsBrowser v2.1  screenshot

Click to see a screenshot of the sportsbrowser!

  Download SportsBrowser Now  1.7MB (all) SportsBrowser is a customized sports-themed web browser that delivers easy access to the best sporting news websites (ESPN, Fox Sports, The Sporting News, Sportsline, Yahoo! Sports, etc) professional league websites (,,,, etc) and professional team websites. When you surf with SportsBrowser, it automatically finds related sports links, subjects, and topics associated to the current website you're viewing.  It features a configurable integrated search engine utilizing the popular engines and also easily allows you to save and customize favorites. From sports related websites, to sports forums and trivia, SportsBrowser offers a variety of sports info to the casual fan or to the sports enthusiast. 

Click here to download SportsBrowser V1.0.0

Download SportsBrowser V2.0 Now 

  Our Popular Web Browsers 

/ More Smart Customized Web Browsers

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Establish your websites brand!

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Get Your Own  Free Customized Web Brower Tailor Made For Your Community!

We are proud to announce that we have developed many themed web browser applications for all types of webmasters, firms, and small companies!  Our web browser development service has attracted many website owners and webmasters that enjoy the concept of providing their visitors with their own unique branded software application.

 Click here to get started!

Generate revenue with your own software application.  We can rebrand software with your own name, logo, and company url!



4ComTech Affiliate Program

With the 4ComTech Affiliate Program there is nothing to sell and you will make money!

Simply generate downloads to any of our FREE customized web browsers and get paid $0.03 Per Download 

Receive your first check once you earn $10!  

Sign up before August 1, 2005 and we'll deposit $3.00 into your account!

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  did you know..

   Our themed web browsers utilize:

UCmore - The Search Accelerator
The Search Accelerator

Create your branded toolbar 
Custom toolbar in 4 steps & 60 sec. (Logo, Search box, RSS & Buttons)



You can also find our themed web browsers at:


Hotfiles from ZDNET

Download the Superdownloads Browser!


Download AutomaticSearch!


  Plus many, many, more freeware sites!




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We are very interested in forming long term partnerships.  If you are a Web site owner, freeware author,  or are involved with the Web as a company, you may consider establishing a partnership with 4ComTech.  

 Click Here to propose a partnership and tell us your idea, proposal, or what you can offer us!