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Why would I ever want your visual basic web browser control source code?

As early as 1996, we have made some extra revenue from our simple vb browsers.  These vb6 browsers have paved the way to earn some extra revenue simply from selling link placement, advertising links, and from integrating 3rd party toolbars.  We have also made and sold ebooks using this visual basic web browser source code.  We had no idea that making a web browser around various niche markets would help bring visitors and some extra bucks.   Now, we are giving you this opportunity.

Again, why would I want your vb web browser control source code, when I can come up with my own?

You want our vb web browser source code because it works and is ready to go!  No errors when you try to compile and make the EXE.  We have taken the time to embed URLs within the tabs, menus, and buttons.  All you have to do is edit the URLs to your liking. You can simply find and replace the existing URLs with your own.  Simply browse to your graphics, icons, and toolbar button icons.   Amazingly, we are only going to charge a one-time fee of $3.00 for the vb source code.  At least you won't have to type out all the code :-). 

Will you help me if I get stuck?

Yes, it doesn't matter that Visual Basic 6 is dying and not supported.  We assure you that we can help you with getting the Visual Basic project loaded.   You will be on your way to developing a web browser in vb.

Do you offer any guarantees with your visual basic vb web browser control?

Yes, we have working Visual Basic 6 web browser source code.  We have ensured that the code will compile.  We will help you via email if you need a little help.

What do I need?

 You need Visual Basic 6.0.  You need basic knowledge of using VB6.

Do I need to know how to make a browser before I make a purchase?

 No.  Even if you have little to no Visual Basic 6 programming knowledge, you will still be able to make your own web browser simply by replacing the URLs with your URLs.  You can contact us if you need help getting started.

How can I make money and why should I order from you?

Our vb 6 web browser source code is available at a staggering low cost of $3.00.  That is a one time small investment.   It is up to you on how to figure out how you can profit from it.  We have given most of our vb web browsers away available as freeware and yet have made over thousands of dollars thanks to them from generating ad revenue, earning sales leads, and affiliate sales to other products. We think $3.00 is a fair price for the hour or so of work it took to prepare the vb web browser.

Can I rebrand the software games that you offer?  Can I rebrand software and then sell it?

 Yes.  Our game source code is available so that after you purchase it, you can modify it to your liking.  You can rebrand the game into a completely different name and offer it to your visitors bringing in some new visitors to your website.   You can rebrand the screensavers and offer them for download.  You can rebrand the memory tweaker and sell it at whatever price you can compete at. 

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